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We offer you different solutions for websites. For hosting your platform, we collaborate with iWebben.fi who will be hosting your webpage thru their server. Hosting prices from 68,00€/year (incl. VAT 24%)

a) MINI :: one templates design.
– one frontpage (Home)
– max two additional pages + the menu 
– four pictures from a image library
– one language
= 420,00€ + registrations*¹ (excl. VAT 24%)

b) MIDI :: two different templates designs to choose from.
– one frontpage (Home)
– max five additional pages + the menu
– seven pictures from a image library
– one language
= 560,00€ + registrations*¹ (excl. VAT 24%)

c) MAXI :: three templates designs to choose from.
– one frontpage (Home)
– max ten additional pages + the menu 
– twelve pictures from a image library
– two languages
= 940,00€ + registrations*¹ (excl. VAT 24%)

For bigger solutions, let’s book in a meeting to go thru your wishes.
– Anything is possible and everything is negotiable.

Every website includes adding your logo, contact details and choosen images. If this is something you don’t yet have, we can assist you with your details, although for an additional fee of 65,00€ per page/62,00€ per hour. If you need context to your site, we can also assist you with that.

If you are in need of any additional administrative updates or work regarding your website or brand, our fee is 62,00€ per hour (excl. VAT 24%)

Other design & graphic services*² we offer:
– graphic vector logo = from 95,00€
– business cards = from 65,00€
– ads & banners = from 70,00€
– invites & gift cards = from 45,00€

*²every work will be sent to you in the original file and two additional high quality pdf-files.

*¹Registrations refers to creating and register the platform (WordPress) and your domain address (iWebben.fi). The registration price depends on which address you wish to have (.com, .fi, .se, .nu, .office, .net, .online, .website, .store, .tech, .site, .eu, .life, .org, etc – there’re 41 different end-addresses). Domain registration starts with 18,00€/year. If you already own one domain address, we can transfer it to your new website.

We will register and make the transfers, and hosting includes daily updates.

We will teach you along the way how to log in to your admin.-panel and update and administer your website by yourself when it’s complete and launched. Further info as long as we go on making You your online-window to the World Wide Web (WWW)

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

– Albert Einstein